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Planning Ahead

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When it comes to revision, you should always know what you're aiming for. A revision plan is vital if you are to achieve anything worthwhile. The following points should help you plan effectively for your exam revision...

  • Work out how much time you have to revise before your exams start. Obviously, the more time you have will mean that you can do more revision.
  • Draw up a plan on a sheet of paper which you can have in view all the time so that you can track your progress.
  • On the plan take into consideration times when you won't be able to do as much revision (e.g. days you work)
  • Each day can be used to revise multiple topics from multiple subjects. In fact, revising one subject all day will most likely have a negative effect upon you and your revision. Breaking up your revision makes it easier for you to concentrate and retain the information you are revising.
  • Try not to revise any more than 3 subjects per day though.
  • Make sure you plan enough time so that you can cover all topics in each subject sufficiently. Harder topics can be allotted slightly more time but be sure not to forget revising the topics you find easy. By the time you sit your exams, you'll most likely be less confident!
  • Listing all the topics in the subjects you are studying will help you make sure that you revise all of them.
  • Try to allot time early in your revision schedule to cover the harder topics. This will help you keep calm for exams nearer the time of your exams as you won't be trying to tackle all of the topics you find hard in a short period of time.
  • Take 10 minute breaks every 40 minutes or so. Your brain will work much better with breaks!
Putting a little bit of effort into preparing a revision plan as outlined above will give you a much greater chance of success in your revision and exams. Don't waste time planning though. It should only take a couple of hours maximum to sort out a solid revision plan. Getting your parents to help you may be a good idea also.

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