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Whatever type of work you're doing, you must have the right environment if you are to do it well. There are many types of distractions that you should avoid at all costs. Check out the list below:

What To Avoid

  • Other people. They're bound to start chatting or start doing something that'll distract you from your work!
  • A television. Watching Neighbours while trying to revise hasn't proved to be the best revision technique!
  • A radio. Background music can be beneficial, but having a radio on with a DJ shouting at you every 5 minutes might distract you somewhat.
  • A comfy bed! Not so much of a distraction, but lying down while you attempt to study will most likely result in you falling asleep!

What You Should Have Around You

  • Necessary instruments. Pen, pencil, paper etc... pretty obvious, but important to have it all ready for when you start your revision.
  • Text books. Relevant books for the subject or a dictionary for subject where you are reading lengthy texts which may include words you don't understand.
  • A desk and chair. As stated before, you can't study successfully on your bed, or even your floor. Sitting at a desk helps you concentrate and you'll get more out of your revision that way.

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