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Bullying at School

Bullying can take many forms, all of which are very unpleasant for the person being bullied. Bullying can be very harmful to a child if it is left to continue.

Despite many policies and measures being put in place to combat bullying, it still goes on today and almost anyone can become a victim.

Because of bullying, hundreds of children around the world commit suicide every year. Bullying is by no means a trivial problem and it can exist in many forms:

  • Name calling
  • Teasing
  • Threats
  • Damaging belongings of the child
  • Excluding the child from social activities
  • Talking maliciously behind the child's back
  • Sending disturbing messages by text (mobile phone) or email
  • Physical abuse
If you find out that your child is being bullied try not to overreact. First of all, try to find out the following information:
  • Who was involved
  • When it happened
  • Whether it is still happening
  • Where the bullying took place
  • How often it is taking place

It is important to let your child know that they should report any bullying that still may happen to a teacher as soon as they can so that they can take action. You as the parent would be advised to talk to your child�s teacher about the bullying also.

There are several organisations that provide guidance regarding bullying. Getting in contact with them will help you deal with the problem effectively. It is important to note that you should always approach your child's teachers and school first. If the problem persists then contacting one of the third parties listed below may be necessary.

Parentline Plus Helpline - www.parentlineplus.org.uk (0808 800 2222)
Parentline Plus is a UK registered charity which offers support to anyone parenting a child...

Anti Bullying Campaign - www.bullying.co.uk (0207 378 1446)
Advice for parents, pupils, and schools regarding bullying and how to combat it...

Kidscape Helpline for Parents - www.kidscape.org.uk (08451 205204)
Kidscape is committed to keeping children safe and is dedicated to preventing bullying and child abuse...

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