Keeping calm during exam revision

Keeping calm during your revision and exams

Getting stressed over your revision and exams is natural and shows you have a desire to well. Even so, excessive stress can become harmful, but there are ways you can reduce the stressfulness of the exam season.

  • Plan your time effectively. A revision timetable is a must.
  • If your anxiety is being caused by worrying about certain subjects try to tackle the problem by getting help with that subject or speaking to someone about it. Don’t sweep it under the carpet!
  • Don’t keep problems to yourself. Talk to someone you trust about how you are felling if you do start to feel stressed.
  • It may seem a bit drastic, but if you feel yourself becoming overly stressed, try use a breathing or relaxation exercise to calm yourself.
  • Eat and drink properly. Avoid “snacking”! For example, drinking too much coffee can cause stress on its own. Don’t miss out on meals.
  • Get enough sleep. Avoid those late nights and try to get 8/9 hours of sleep a night.
  • Don’t let things get out of perspective and try not to take your work overly seriously otherwise you will become stressed and the quality of your work will consequently suffer.
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